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Tyler Erickson

May 02,2017

Why It's a Good Idea to Make Healthier Options a Priority In-Store.

Just like Uncle Sam, we at Shopper Intelligence, are talking to YOU!... You being USA shoppers[..]

January 31,2017

The Top 5 Grocery Categories You're Not Charging Enough For

Believe it or not, dropping the price might not always be the solution to earning more business.[..]

August 23,2016

Golden Arches Wins Olympic Gold.

In the US and Canada, it’s no secret that McDonald’s Golden Arches are primarily known for[..]

August 09,2016

Eyes vs. Numbers Round 1 *DING*


Let’s talk about hockey. NHL organizations all over North America have a variety of[..]

July 28,2016

You celebrate National Hotdog Month whether you know or not.

 You probably didn’t even know that it WAS National Hotdog Month, did you? Well, you were likely[..]

July 05,2016

Umm, uh, hm, *cough*  We’re gonna talk about Tampons…

This is gonna make people uncomfortable right? We should pro
bably tiptoe around the topic[..]
March 31,2016

Dear Executive, Can we interest you in our, "Catch of the day?"


February 17,2016

My love don't cost a thing, but you'll spend lots anyway.

In the Spirit of Valentines Day, it’s only appropriate this week to feature a blog about shopper[..]

January 25,2016

You kill it, you fill it. TP rules to live by.

There very well may not be anything worse than reaching for a few sheets of your favourite[..]

January 20,2016

Dear Mister Executive: What do you like, "On the Side?"